Our Curriculum

We offer three units for children of different ages: Little Learners, Early Explorers, and Advanced Adventurers.


 Each unit of our interactive children's classes will cover some of the topics listed below based on the student's level.  


Every month we offer themed group classes, where students are able to interact with other language learners and work on an activity.  Find out more about our themed group classes below.

Little Learners

This unit focuses on introducing the student to fundamental language tools and skills. 

Level 1 (30 lessons)

  • Introduction to the alphabet 

  • Basic greetings/introductions

  • Express basic feelings and emotions

  • Develop phonetic skills

  • Learn about different body parts

  • Introduction to basic grammar patterns

  • Colors and shapes

  • Children's songs 

Level 2  (30 lessons) 

  • Recognition of grammar patterns 

  • Discuss different toys

  • Building advanced phonetic skills

  • Basic grammar patterns

  • Ability to talk about  family and friends

* This level includes two final projects that will be presented in class

Early Explorers

Early Explorers focuses on developing the target language with engaging subjects taught in elementary schools like Science, Social Studies, Reading, and Math. This unit will introduce students to the world around them in a fun and interactive way. 

Level 1- Beyond English 1

  • Rhyming word recognition

  • Reading comprehension

  • Introduction to and classification of nouns

  • Ordinal numbers

  • Identifying and using common nouns in sentences.

  • Recalling content details

  • Identifying proper nouns

  • Event sequencing

  • Identifying and using plural nouns in sentences.

  • Writing styles

  • Using pronouns in sentences

  • Grammar: adjectives

Level 1- Beyond Science 1

  • Health and nutrition

  • Safety

  • Objects and materials

  • Liquids and solids

  • Weather patterns

  • Environmental issues

  • States of matter

  • Chemical safety

Level 1- Beyond Math 1 

  • Quantity

  • Word problems

  • Problem-solving

Level 2- World Wonders

  • Marine life

  • Ecosystems and conservation

  • Land animals

  • Ocean studies

  • Cultures

  • Insects and bugs

Advanced Adventurers

This unit focuses on advanced world issues and topics. We use material from National Geographic. Every chapter includes vocabulary, engaging reading passages, and discussion topics.

Our World

  • History and cultures

  • Human rights

  • Current events and news

  • Life in space

  • Natural resources and energy

  • Our oceans

  • Globalization

  • Habitat preservation

  • Climate change

  • Early career exploration

  • Writing a research paper


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