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The Story Behind Beyond Languages

I was laying down at this very beach in Stuart Florida, when the idea for the company came from somewhere beyond the sea.

I had been struggling for months trying to figure out what my “next” step in life was going to be. Here I was, a 26-year-old with many years of ESL teaching experience, a passion for learning languages, an obsession for traveling, and a business-like demeanor with absolutely zero idea of what I wanted to do with my young life.

It seemed that that I tasted a bit of every idea throughout my travels from New Mexico, all the way to South Korea, and back to the US.

Besides the fact that I cannot sit still knowing that there are so many languages left to learn and so many cultures to interact with, I sat down and purged the beginnings of Beyond Languages.

The company combines the things I enjoy most about life: engaging communication, cultures, languages, curiosity of the world, learning and traveling of course. All in hopes that it will reach language learners worldwide.

I wanted to construct a platform where students could come together, share ideas, speak the target language, and eventually immerse themselves in that cultural environment.

Everything is still in the very beginnings so I will try to update the website as much as possible in the coming weeks. At this moment, you are able to book classes online or through the contact button.

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