Our Team

President and Co-Founder

Jessica Zafra

Jessica is a globetrotter entrepreneur who has a passion for learning everything from piano to taekwondo. She has 6 years of experience as an educator. She has taught French, Spanish, and English to students of many backgrounds and ages. 


She spent two years teaching ESL on Jeju Island in South Korea. Her mission is to get everybody interested in learning languages at home and in language immersion trips.

COO and Co-Founder

Chris Hart-Moynihan

Marketing Specialist

Grace Yi

Chris has 5 years of experience as a language teacher. He is also an award-winning translator and has used his language skills working on cross-cultural projects in Italy, Ukraine, Mongolia, and many other countries in Asia and the former Soviet Union.  He has a Master's degree in Linguistics from the University of New Mexico, where he studied language pedagogy, language typology and cognitive linguistics.

Grace has lived in Canada for more than 10 years. She has a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from McGill University. She lives in Montreal, a bilingual city, where she works as a R&D and regulatory affair specialist in a food company.  While raising her two kids to be trilingual in English, French and Chinese, she has developed and tested many ideas about child language acquisition. Currently she is teaching Chinese and helping Chinese students learn English better through Beyond Languages.

Our Philosophy

As educators, our passion lies in conveying the unlimited potential of language. We try to work with all of our students to help them communicate, build relationships, and establish an identity in their chosen language. To do this, we give all students lots of exposure to the language, as well as experience using it.

We believe that languages can be learned from a comfortable location, at the student's own pace, and should go beyond the online classroom setting. 


We offer classes that meet each student's needs and learning speeds. 


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